(Seminar) Homological methods in quantum field theory [2020-12-09]
(Seminar) Statistical physics approaches to the complex Earth sys... [2020-12-08]
(Seminar) Ensemble averages, Poisson processes and Microstates [2020-12-02]
(Seminar)Can physics contribute to natural langauge processing? [2020-12-02]
(Seminar) Loop operators in three-dimensional N=2 fishnet theories [2020-11-17]
(Pedagogical Lecture) Series Lectures on "Classical Physics from ... [2020-11-13]
(Seminar) Active matter: a world far from equilibrium - thermodyn... [2020-11-11]
(Seminar) Gauge Invariance of Scalar Induced Gravitational Waves ... [2020-11-11]
(Seminar) Geometry of modular bootstrap [2020-11-11]
(Seminar)Searching for beyond standard model physics with stochas... [2020-11-10]
(Colloquium) 快速射电暴的FAST观测结果及其物理 [2020-11-09]
(Coffee Time) 水面救援机器人 [2020-11-04]
(Seminar) String scattering on AdS_5 x S^5: Recursion relations a... [2020-11-04]
(Lunch Seminar) 黑洞照亮宇宙 [2020-11-04]
(Seminar) Bayesian tensor network: towards efficient and interpre... [2020-11-02]
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